Sunday, October 30, 2011

3 mths....

today is the 3rd mth of my injuries, and my arm movement is not gettin any beta :(
till today, i still cldn't reach my back....
the stiffness of my arm makes me frustrated and i am gettin very lazy to do the exercise!
last nite, i started to take gabapentin (pain relief). i stop takin it on 17 oct thinkin i can over come the pain! sometime i still hv this 'tew-tew-tia' & burning hot feelin inside/// i juz leave it thinkin it wl go off by itself, but at the end i've got no choice but to take inflammation pill & use ice to cool it down.

damn suay,,,, i catch a cold on thursday afternoon!
took cold tab but it doesn't work :(
my throat was so painful, no choice went to company's doc on fri morning.
1st time i saw dr chua b-koon. a elderly woman who doesn't looks like a doc but a grandma to me, haha :) she is very caring & nice but i doubt her, hmmmmm....
given 1 day mc which i need it very badly (i din sleep the whole nite, keep gettin up to pee).
reached home abt 12nn.
i sleeps from 1 pm to 6 pm & than 8:45 pm till next morn 9:30 am.
the medicine really makes me sleep & no appetite to eat!

i missed the halloween party last nite at yoshie house :(
luckily i din't spent alot on the costume...

why still got phlegm when i had took fluimucil to get rid?
my throat, it gets v painful in the night (i duno why) :(
and my block nose, i tried v hard to blow the mucous out but it so stubborn, *&^%$#@

every year during nov season, i tend to catch a cold + cough & it wl drag for mths (kns)!!!
i hv bin takin lingtze wif pao-shen capsule for a period of time & i thot it wl help me to prevent cough & flu.....

so suay lor, one after another .... arhggggggggggggg

Sunday, October 9, 2011

back to work after 2 mths H/L

went back 3 oct after 60 days of hospitalization leave (H/L).
i was given 3 mths but beta get back to work... my rice bowl.

dr leon foo keep askin me whether i really wanted to go back when i asks him to re-issue my mc.
therapist, sara din't like the idea when i told her. the 1st thing she asked me was : u working for chinese company? my reply> nope, its a japanese company & but chinese boss ;P

i was feeling rather sian on 2 oct (sunday) bcos next day i got to work :(
but, during my H/L i missed office so much! i was very sian when i cldn't move my arm & every sec i was in painl... i didn't sleep well, woke up middle of the night///
i feel smelly & sweat 3x more due to the medication.
i got angry bcos i cldn't help to clean up! i keep telling ppl the toilet is dirty, the floor is dirty, the kitchen is dirty....
my laoma said to me > dun be so fussy! u are now a 病人 so its alright to be messy etc...
sista > hei, hello.. u'r home bcos u'r not well. so dun order us wat to do like a commando, oops!

after abt more than a mth...
i tried to meet up wif friends for makan after doctor's appt & therapy session when my hand started to move... actually i didn't realize it was the painkiller that is helpin my movement!!!
until.... when i stop takin b4 i go back to work. i was asked to stop by doc foo after he give me another kind of nerve medicine.

last wed, 5 oct (4 pm).... suddenly my arm swells & was v painful.
alittle blue black & dented appr on my arm surface!
g-cheng asks me to go dr toh @ tiong bahru but i was v confuse...
i dun wan to go thru all the explanation! i dun wan to go thru another xray etc etc...
aahhhh, i take painkiller instead of gg to the doc ( im stubborn)!

all the while, physiotherapy was not so difficult. and i thot i was recovering (even tho sara told me, i need to b patience bcos i need a longer time to recover due to my condition)!
for the passed few days... i can't lift up my arm using a small drink can while lying down. it was damn painful doin all the exercise/// b4, i do feel the pain but i can still manage but not now :(

appt wif sara last fri, 7 oct & she asks me to stop certain exercise.
she keep askin did anyone bang on me? did i carry any heavy stuff? did i over used my hand at work..... even im not suppose to open the door using my injured hand :(
i went to company's dr lee bcos sara advise me to go GP for my swelling pain!
so now i am back on painkiller again... sobsob

Sunday, October 2, 2011

NIGHTMARE .... 30 JULY 2011

30 july 2011 > after 9 pm.... terrible bad nightmare///

arr at spore custom (2nd link)
after alighting fr the coach, i half walking half running to throw 'rubbish' ....
suddenly, i duno how it happen, i was falling forward, knock my forehead on the pillar,
and my right arm...
OOH NO, my ARM... WRIST-ED behind and i can't get up myself!!!!!
i heard many voices behind me > #[dun lift her!], #[har-meh ka-yi-char-ki-lai!],,,,,
at last, i was lifted up by a cleaner an old uncle!
i sat on the floor in terrible billions of pain which i will not forget in my life, *cry without tear*
yoshie, cindy, peggy, sim-b-choo, honghong & susan were in a shock that they duno wat to
the officer there keep tellin me to get up so that they can put me on the wheelchair.
i dun wan anyone to touch me, bcos i was in hell pain & i'm using my left hand to hold my right////
i was in a terrible shocked & i feel nausea.... the oni thing i know was: i am die-in of pain.
ambulance was called & poor cindy had to accompany me to nuh!
yoshie & peggy took a cab there bcos oni 1 person is allow in the ambulance.

in the ambulance : i was screaming & kicking in pain////
i duno wat the medic do to my injured arm... it was even thousand billions time more painful.
cindy said i scolded them, oops! i remembered i screamed & tell them to stop & dun touch me.

at NUH : again i was asks wat happen? how i fell etc... (i hv bin repeating from the moment i
fell... @#$%&*^!!! STOP, so frustrating, juz help me to STOP my PAIN ARRRGGGHHH!!!
at 1st, one nurse thot that i had pulled my muscle & will inject painkiller to stop the pain faster!
thank god, a young lady doc came & she told the nurse to quickly send me fr xray!
result > I had DISLOCATE my arm.
i was put to sleep(unconscious) a Philippe lady doc fix back my arm.
it was passed midnight when i woke up... arm sling!

when i was push out on wheelchair (discharge) i saw lao-ma & hoon.
cindy called home to inform them.
lao-pa was waiting for us at home... 2 AM, i had make them worried :(

night was suffering... on painkiller but still in pain.
can't sleep well. cannot toss & turn, oni keep still.

1st time, i need either lao-ma or hoon to help me wif my clothes!
they hv to figure out how to take out & put it on in order not to hurt my injury.
gg to the loo... haizzz, another hard task :( tried very very hard learning to use
my left hand! very tiring after awhile.
well, its miserable without right arm. everythin got to depend on ppl.
i cried many times not oni the pain i suffered but oso i cannot get wat i want :(

the most grateful person was lao-ma! she will do everything for me so willingly!
she will offer (she can read my mind) and i tried not to trouble her.
im so deeply touch in my heart! lao-ma kamsiah so much,辛苦了.
lao-pa oso sweet, he will asks me to leave my plate after meal & he will wash fr me!
sometime i'v got no choice but asks huat to clip my hair, haha
as fr hoon, well got to see her mood! if she's happy she will do things fr u, if not she
can be sickening & i feel like punching her...

08 aug 2011 > nuh orthopaedic dr tan hsi ming bryan
12 aug 2011 > sgh consultant orthopaedic surgeon doc leon foo siang shen
and ms sara joan is my physiotherapist, she is from england.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

yeah... gg genting highland tmr morning by grassland vip coach^0^
leavin golden mile @ 7:30 am.
tis my 2nd time there... heehee
1st time travelling wif peggy, honghong, bchoo, cindy & yoshie.
me, cindy & yoshie tag along, p is so kind to offer us... she got points for free room!
i'm rather worried abt the long journey.... hate to travel long distance on the road :(
well, hope to enjoy eating, drinking & sleeping ........

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

it's bin a long long time....

tis morn, kalene was askin me > mao, u dun blog anymore?
*yahor, i hv not blog since 2009....

i am gettin veri lazy nowadays =(
age is catching up... ooh no!

yest, had lunch at tcc cafe wif kalene, chiewling & suyongkang.
i had this "small portion" of grilled spicy chicken , ooomph!!!
plus we shared 2 side dish. for me it juz abt 60% full only...keke
ooh no, stomach calling at 3 *@*
tell myself to 忍忍忍... another 3 hours and i will hv my dinner.
啊, i failed =(
hv a cup of milo and a pc of taiwan 太阳饼 .... nvr know it tasted so good *<>*

pl dabao zion road cha-kway-teow for dinner on our way home.
nvr know that lao-ma fried mee goreng for dinner too!
she fried 3 pkts of yellow noodle wif potato+prawn+veg+sotong+egg....
siao leow lah, how to finish?
give some to neighbour, ah poh & her mahjong kakis & oso julia :)
ha, tis morn i had it again for my bfast wif kopi 0.... how to lost weight?!!

i keep having this stomach pain (since last wk) and fu 医师 said it's gastric!
she said i 'sip-juat', due to > heaty food + cool food = sip-jua, lol
ya, mayb she is right! i hv bin eating alot of chilli + 泡泡茶 = alot of 风 & discomfort :(

Saturday, December 12, 2009

birthday 2009

celebrated our bday.
27 nov, la-kopi at bukit timah food centre wif cindy, yongkang, yoshie & suhan.

haha... hao bao! wo meng de ming zi jiao ... bao-BAO :)

yoshie prepare sukiyaki & jap fried popiah & steam mussels for our dinner.... oiishi,drooling...

i bot black pepper & salted egg crabs to celebrates :)

drinking session.... best drinker goes to,,, suhan! white wine from cindy & sweet wine from mei:) it was a surprise for us to see mei & potato (ros) turn up for the dinner... xcept yoshie the house owner:)

beautiful mahjong tiles from budian's liao-bu... she carry all the way together wif our yummy chocalate cake

mmmm so yummi.... thank you budian! its superlicious :) 3rd cake.

safra chalet after upgraded. my 3rd time there.

another delicious fruit cakes (2nd cake) from yy, dol, jes,kelly,linda & yoshie! yoshie took the trouble to buy from takashimaya & it was raining when she came to the chalet... domo arigato:)

hey, look here.. i, ang yanyi is a crab killer... dun play play ah!

18 nov: i pa-ma-cheok thru out the night wif jes, kelly & yy till 5 am & continue to watch dvd till after 7 am. went to sleep, get up at 10 am to have the leftover chicken wings & sotong mee.. taste bagus:) actually, i oredi had kopi wif roti + egg hotdog as early as 4 am. linda & dol prepare the bfast... haha
joey is so sweet... she bot this cake (1st cake) from canele specially for me, muack!

look at shanshan... ho-chiak!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

kena sai...

recently i had encountered 3 kinds of ppl....

* 1 who tinks he is the 'smartest'... every1 is stupid xcept him, knnb (tulan)!

* 1 who knows how to carry lanba... follow the winds direction.

* 1 who is straight straight, got wat say wat....

so, beta be the po-lanba one lah.....