Sunday, October 30, 2011

3 mths....

today is the 3rd mth of my injuries, and my arm movement is not gettin any beta :(
till today, i still cldn't reach my back....
the stiffness of my arm makes me frustrated and i am gettin very lazy to do the exercise!
last nite, i started to take gabapentin (pain relief). i stop takin it on 17 oct thinkin i can over come the pain! sometime i still hv this 'tew-tew-tia' & burning hot feelin inside/// i juz leave it thinkin it wl go off by itself, but at the end i've got no choice but to take inflammation pill & use ice to cool it down.

damn suay,,,, i catch a cold on thursday afternoon!
took cold tab but it doesn't work :(
my throat was so painful, no choice went to company's doc on fri morning.
1st time i saw dr chua b-koon. a elderly woman who doesn't looks like a doc but a grandma to me, haha :) she is very caring & nice but i doubt her, hmmmmm....
given 1 day mc which i need it very badly (i din sleep the whole nite, keep gettin up to pee).
reached home abt 12nn.
i sleeps from 1 pm to 6 pm & than 8:45 pm till next morn 9:30 am.
the medicine really makes me sleep & no appetite to eat!

i missed the halloween party last nite at yoshie house :(
luckily i din't spent alot on the costume...

why still got phlegm when i had took fluimucil to get rid?
my throat, it gets v painful in the night (i duno why) :(
and my block nose, i tried v hard to blow the mucous out but it so stubborn, *&^%$#@

every year during nov season, i tend to catch a cold + cough & it wl drag for mths (kns)!!!
i hv bin takin lingtze wif pao-shen capsule for a period of time & i thot it wl help me to prevent cough & flu.....

so suay lor, one after another .... arhggggggggggggg

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